Because really DIY means doing it yourselves.

The goal is simple: try to provide a bit of a voice for some great music, and hopefully make a few coins in the process to support the creation of more. We also plan to do interesting things with packaging so that people get a real artifact when they make a purchase. Otherwise,  everything is also available digitally—either through the site, Bandcamp, or iTunes.

For physical purchases we use PayPal, so you know it’s secure. You can use your PayPal account or a major credit card. And we typically get stuff out in the mail to you the same day.

Otherwise, we must point out that this site would not be possible without the incredible talents of Zac Link and Joel Zayas (development) and Alex Budnitz (design). We must also acknowledge all the folks at Sametz Blackstone Associates who foster a creative and supportive environment—without which, this endeavor would be next to impossible. And  we’d be nowhere without previous input from the likes of Kerri Augenstein (designer of the SMR logo and the first two version of the site) and Luke Ehler (developer and trouble-shooter the last time around). And of course the artists: Alan Wuorinen, Kurt von Stetten, Dan London, Kevin Buzzell, Cindy Vaccaro, Scott Robinson, Jay Figueroa, Ravi Jain, all the bands we’ve played with and all their (and our!) extended families and friends. You’re the spark that makes this motor go.

That’s about it. Thanks for reading. And thanks for your support!

— brandon