Social media reality check

[Originally written for Sametz Blackstone Associates and later posted at MarketingProfs.]

Is the social media explosion a “big bang” that’s creating a whole new brand communications paradigm, or is it part of an ongoing evolution where focused brand-building principles are not only still relevant, but more important than ever?

The more things change…

Social media is indeed changing the ways though which brands can be built and expressed––and how they connect with, and influence, key constituencies. But successful brands have always been––and will continue to be––the ones that are understood and valued by their constituents, deliver on their promise, are differentiated in the competitive landscape, and are enthusiastically recommended by engaged brand advocates. No sea change here.

What’s evolving is the nature of brand discourse––from predominately one-way, out-bound organization-to-constituent monologues, to two- and three-way conversations among your organization and constituents, the latter often talking to each other beyond your hearing. This has significant implications around how your advocates proselytize, where you put your brand communication resources, and how you build trust and relationships.

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