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Branding & EdTech— on the road from funding to credibility


This post originally appeared on Mosaic Branding. Right now, few industries are experiencing change quite like education technology. It’s a bumpy ride, but branding can help. Last weekend’s LearnLaunch Across Boundaries conference brought together 500 entrepreneurs, educators, investors, students, and other industry experts to discuss critical barriers to EdTech success. …

Microsoft’s brand judo

A couple years ago I wrote post here called Brand Judo (or, find your inner lemon) that was subsequently fashioned into an article for In it, I described how the Japanese martial art of Judo—characterized by the principle of turning an opponent’s attack back against them—can be applied by …

Once Upon a Website (It takes two…)

Chorus America

This post originally appeared on ‘Round the Square.   Lessons learned from the client perspective—our friends at Chorus America share lessons learned during a major website project. In the fall of 2010, we were lucky enough to be selected by Chorus America—the national service organization for choruses, choral leaders, and singers—to collaborate …

Leverage your Inner Lemon


[I was asked by to expand my Brand Judo blog post for Sametz Blackstone Associates into an article. It’s since been posted by MSNBC,,, The Street, The Business Insider, The Washington Post, and Reuters.] Use ‘Brand Judo’ to flip negative perceptions into memorable campaigns. One of the …

The Moment of Advocacy


[Originally posted at ‘Round the Square] I live out of my Victorinox messenger bag. Me and my Victorinox have walked every corner of this city. It’s been with me on planes, trains and automobiles to New York, Nashville, Atlanta, Denver, San Diego, San Francisco, St. Petersburg, and halfway around the …

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