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Branding & EdTech— on the road from funding to credibility


This post originally appeared on Mosaic Branding. Right now, few industries are experiencing change quite like education technology. It’s a bumpy ride, but branding can help. Last weekend’s LearnLaunch Across Boundaries conference brought together 500 entrepreneurs, educators, investors, students, and other industry experts to discuss critical barriers to EdTech success. …

People first, brand second. Really.

Engaged Community

[Originally posted at ‘Round the Square] Putting customers first, and brand second, can be somewhat of a tough pill to swallow for marketers. Sure, most understand the need to build communities around their brands, and to nurture those who cluster around the experiences their brands enable. For many, however, it …

Friend-raising before fund-raising

[Co-written with Roger Sametz; originally posted at] Connecting your value and values to those of your constituents can give youa leg up. The nonprofit world is a crowded one, and it’s only becoming more so. According to the Independent Sector, there are more than 1.4 million 501c3 organizations operating …

Put Your Brand to Work: Build an Architecture for Engagement


[Originally posted at Marketing profs] You’ve done your homework and designed a strategic brand program. You’ve found insight through research, learned what makes your constituents tick, established a strong brand foundation, developed a framework for messages, and evolved a system for visual expression—all necessary to help your organization realize its …

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