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5 lessons brands can learn from bands

Metal Hand Sign

[Originally posted at ‘Round the Square] I operate in two worlds. By day (and often into early evening) I craft brand-focused communication programs for a variety of mission-driven organizations. By night (and often into early morning) I write, perform and record with a band as part of Boston’s vibrant independent …

3 words for indie artists


[Orginally posted at Dysonsound] For the past few years new media guru Chris Brogan has practiced the “My 3 Words” exercise to guide how he conducts his many efforts in the coming year. The idea is to chose 3 resonant words around which you set goals and develop projects. Given …

A (big) return to (micro) patronage?


[Originally posted at Dysonsound] I’ve been MIA for a while. Getting a new EP recorded, CDs and vinyl pressed (one-sided white vinyl!), gigs and radio appearances booked, promo packages together– it’s a ton of work as you all know. But I think I’m coming out of the woods a bit …

Making sense of it all


[Originally posted at Dysonsound] It’s been a hectic fall. I attended my first Musicians for Music 2.0 meet-up, found my way to Music Hack Day Boston, tapped into some super smart brains on Twitter, started writing about what I was seeing and hearing, and read seemingly a dozen articles a …

Debating the future of music


[Originally posted at Dysonsound] “It’s hard to get someone to understand something if their paycheck depends on them not understanding it.” I’ve been thinking about that quote all week. I forget exactly where I heard it, but it’s been stuck in my head ever since last weekend’s Music Hack Day …

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