7 new demos


70s son

Snake mountain


Chirps and buzzes

My oven is dutch


Echo macho

Tragic magic

A diagnosis



New record ANIMALS is out now!

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Animals coversm2


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NEW VIDEO for We Were So Very Wrong


Early press:

“We enjoyed “Fallen Trees” and “Zero Times Nothing.” The former has soft vocals with a dreamy vibe about the apocalypse and the latter sounds more like video game music, without any vocals. He has interesting concepts for subject matter and an amazing work ethic to pull this all off.”

“Animals is an album filled with expansive, full-bodied Indie rock songs.”

drawing for video


it came from potions- the warlock song!

More recent reviews of broken, but not undone

To say that Boston indie artist Kurt Von Stetten is unusual is an understatement.”

“This song is erratic, insecure, passionate and sweaty all at once.”

WMBR best 30 records of 2013!

video for those that know

and finally here is a b-side (aren’t they all though) that I thought sounded too much like another song so it never made it onto a record- and it was about warlock powers- I mean who cares about that- really?