T: I’ll work from home then- fuckem.

M: You do not want that….

T: Why the Eff not?

M: No, sure- do what you want. But be prepared to masturbate way more than you ever have in your life.  I mean way more. Take your world record- like when you first came home from church camp and your parents were at a relatives house when you were 14- then multiply it by ten.

T: Oh snap I did not think about that. Carpel tunnels- know what I am saying?

M: Look at this shit!

M pulls out phone and loads video

M: I have this on my phone! Do you hear me? On my friggin phone- how are you going to hold up against the internet? All alone with your mouse and shit- like you are a will power havin moafuka.

T: Moth to the flame- Moth to the flame.

M: This lady, these gross guys, this is their job. It is free. You are not made of stone right?