Static Motor has just released my latetest album Pyramid and I wanted to write a few words and let people hear some tracks off of the record.

I recorded this album in much the same way that I recorded all of my other albums- at my house and at the practice studio (for drum tracks). I am still really in love with the (0r my) recording process. I love recording drum tracks and then noodling over the beats at my house until something comes to me. Come Correck is a song that was written this way. I love recording something, deciding it sucks, trashing it, rebuilding, and then polishing (I like to call it turd polishing).  It is because recording is so fun that I make music at all.

What is different about Pyramid is what happened after I recorded all of the songs. I wanted to get a little more sound quality out of my crappy home recordings so I made the decision to have the raw tracks professionally mixed and mastered. I mixed this album with Owen Curtin at the Bridge Sound and Stage. I have to say it was an amazing experience. I really don’t know if I can make another record without Owen. There were some things that he was able to do with my drum tracks- with reverb and panned effects- that were spot on with what I was going for. listen to the drums on  Pangaea and pay attention to how the reverb carries from left to right and back.  It is this sort of detail that I was looking for and not able to get out of my limited home production.

After Owen was done with the mixing I had Mike Quinn at Moontower studio master the album. The Longwalls and I had worked with Mike before (on many of our records) . Mike is a genius, so going to him for mastering was a no brainer. I think the way he handled this album, that had many different sounding songs, was great. I think the way Mike tamed the track Slave was perfect.

Check out the bandcamp or soundcloud sampler to hear some of Pyramid, or go to Static Motor to um…well…buy it!

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Alternate Pyramid cover art