Twitter winner @ravidjain gets a song: No Jain No Gain!

Local Artist, Musician, Transportation Pioneer, and former Drama Queens drummer Ravi Jain answered the call when I asked my twitter followers to post a video of themselves listening to my music:

I promised to write a song about anyone that posted a vine. There is actually too much to write about when it comes to Ravi- all around good guy and has made a lot of great art. I hope you and he enjoy the song!

No Jain No Gain!

I see what you don’t see
taller than an oak tree
I will bear witness
transportation pioneer
no Jain no gain
the youth are so crucial
the vulgar and the brutal
facial hair and dental (concerns)
brush the youth
brush the youth
those who curse
no Jain no gain
I see what you don’t see
taller than an oak tree
I will bear witness
to the world


Other twitter fun from the past couple of weeks:

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New record ANIMALS is out now!

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Early press:

“We enjoyed “Fallen Trees” and “Zero Times Nothing.” The former has soft vocals with a dreamy vibe about the apocalypse and the latter sounds more like video game music, without any vocals. He has interesting concepts for subject matter and an amazing work ethic to pull this all off.”

“Animals is an album filled with expansive, full-bodied Indie rock songs.”

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