Fallen Trees

forced into a better’s game
taken from the prize of fame
fallen trees and warming earth
don’t look back just hear (listen) to the birds

fallen trees

grab the hand and guide the way
know that we are here to stay
this is now and that was then
don’t hide away, don’t carry hurt

that was then this is now


it came from potions- the warlock song!

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To say that Boston indie artist Kurt Von Stetten is unusual is an understatement.”

“This song is erratic, insecure, passionate and sweaty all at once.”

WMBR best 30 records of 2013!

video for those that know

and finally here is a b-side (aren’t they all though) that I thought sounded too much like another song so it never made it onto a record- and it was about warlock powers- I mean who cares about that- really?