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The love rolls on for Kurt von Stetten's Androlafi

More love for Kurt von Stetten's latest, AndrolafiThe Noise calls it "Music that shouts to be heard." Why thank you. And the lovely folks at Golden Mixtape say it's "An indie delight." All in a day's work.More News >

Pretty much an indie delight.
Golden Mixtape

Listening to von Stetten’s music is like ingesting a drug for the first time. As your psyche ascends towards the initial drop you release yourself for what’s to come.
Visions of the Unexcused

Taking us back to the very birth of modern guitar music… the complete antithesis of so called “manufactured pop”.
Sound of Confusion

Terrific, all over the place, and quite unlike anything else I’ve heard so far this year.
Something Daily

Celebrate the avant-garde and wildly eccentric… a superbly talented multi-instrumentalist that comes highly recommended.

Von Stetten makes music that never sounds dated or too indebted to its influences.
Beats Per Minute

Von Stetten has made music that shouts to be heard… cohesive and original.
The Noise (scroll)

The term "bedroom project" carries numerous pejorative connotations, namely lo-fi, half-baked experimentation. But in the world of Kurt von Stetten, the bedroom is merely ground zero for songs that transcend time and genre. Harnessing von Stetton's love of early 90s indie rock (think Pavement, Sebadoh and early Modest Mouse) interweaved with his own insecurities, fears and passions, von Stetton's seventh solo outing Androlafi is his most accomplished and self-assured, a record that proudly stands alongside DIY revisionists Kurt Vile and Ty Segall, and also the seminal 90s output of his heroes. The themes of Androlafi (aka Witches) are conjured from von Stetten's obsession with gothic folklore and the eternally frightening cautionary tales told to children. "I think that most of these songs reference fear and how people deal with fear," explains von Stetten. "Many of the songs are based on the stories my mother and father told me about their childhood and the stories that were told to them. These stories were fun and fantastic, but meant to mask great anxieties. Fear is a powerful motivator and the impetus for a lot of beauty.


  1. First Daughter
  2. Kaiju
  3. Anger
  4. Stockholm Boy
  5. Things A Camera Would Say
  6. Pounding Strange
  7. Anthropos Elafi
  8. Spy Song
  9. You Don’t Know
  10. Song for a Phobic
  11. Splainin
  12. Witches Vs Kids


Kurt von Stetten: Guitar, vocals, cello, keys, drums/percussion, and bass
Songs and music: Kurt von Stetten (BMI)
Produced and engineered: Kurt von Stetten
Mixed and mastered: Mike Quinn at Moontower Studio (Q Division) with Kurt von Stetten
Design: Kurt von Stetten

Terrific, all over the place, and quite unlike anything else I've heard so far this year.