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Kurt von Stetten is (still) winning the internet

Kurt von Stetten is killing it! On the heels of composing the new theme for the Lost at Home Podcast, a fantastic interview by the fab folks at Visions of  the Unexcused—entitled "The Last Renaissance Man: Ten Questions with Kurt von Stetten"—explores Kurt's creative endeavors from music to visual art to BMX and beyond. And of course there's a couple mentions of Mr. Bob Pollard... Oh, and check the latest in a string of Vans videos using Kurt's music: one celebrating a Vans tattoo exhibition/competition and another promoting a Vans 'Zine workshop. The videos feature "Codify" and "He's No Writer" (respectively) from Kurt's 2011 classic, Cyclops. Check it: More News >

One of the best albums of the year
Visions of the Unexcused

Perhaps all of these records are annual invitations into a complex mind of a musical intellect, a mind full of radical ideas of a broader picture too ambiguous for a casual listener to understand. But discernible and eloquent nonetheless.
Bishop & Rook

An album filled with expansive, full-bodied Indie rock songs.
Popa’s Tunes

Interesting concepts for subject matter and an amazing work ethic to pull this all off.


The ninth solo album from Boston's DIY wunderkind Kurt von Stetten. A man has a condition that allows him to forget his entire world every five minutes; as a result he feels like he knows everything (and hates it all) like a child. A woman describes the possible end of the world to her brother in the woods where they grew up. A boy leaves home to become an artist because he was already pre-destined to be poor and miserable (he is sorry). A man loses both arms while charged with securing arms for his troops in the civil war- his scout laughed at him and left him for dead. I had a fever dream when I was a child- the theme song from "three's company" was playing in the background. A group of boys decides not travel home after the last world war- they decide that this tree is probably as good as any a place to call home. A young man tries to get people to like him by throwing a "rager" at his house- he was picking broken beer bottles out of his lawn for weeks to come. Faith will dry your veins- especially for young artists. Math involves unbreakable theorems. Starting a family makes you think about very basic things. A young girl meditates and has random thoughts- it is ok though, because she feels "complete" now. You can talk all you want, young man, but you are still making pretty pictures. Thinking that you have special powers and having them are two very different things- just ask your daughters. People in positions of power say some really stupid things about life, religion, science, and leadership.


  1. Like A Child
  2. Fallen Trees
  3. Believe Me, I’ve Tried
  4. Arms And “arms”
  5. The 80s
  6. Saved, Because Of This Tree
  7. I’ll Be Fine (they Are Animals)
  8. Faith
  9. Zero Times Nothing
  10. First Questions
  11. Ancients And Breath
  12. We Were So Very Wrong
  13. Rural Maine
  14. Supernova


Kurt von Stetten: Guitar, vocals, Cello, Keys, Drums/Percussion, and Bass

Engineered, mixed, mastered by Kurt von Stetten

Animals is one of the best albums of the year