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Broken but not undone


Kurt von Stetten

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12" Pink Vinyl / Digital

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More kind words on KvS' Broken But Not Undone

The fine folks at The Dadada have remarked that on Broken But Not Undone, Kurt von Stetten "continues to pump out intriguing, though-provoking low-fi excellence. Fans of GBV take notice." Just another day of KvS pumping and provoking...More News >

With many great releases this year from the likes of genre champion Ty Segall, it is hard to think of the mantle passing. Yet, Kurt von Steffen clearly assumes the throne with this altogether perfect record. With every element perfectly placed, but retaining enough edge for a Soho street, Broken, But Not Undone is the singular must have of the fall.
Floorshime Zipper Boots

Two years after releasing two breakout albums (both of which made our 2011 Best of List – one artist having two songs on the list was a first here on Seriously kids, you need to own these records.) Kurt von Stetten (The Longwalls) today unleashes a new effort, Broken, but Not Undone, which promises more jangly distortion, altered reality and realized heartbreak… he is operating on a different plane.
Ryan’s Smashing Life

Kurt von Stetten is to Boston what Robert Pollard is to Dayton… Von Stetton’s music is consistently unique, challenging, and thoroughly rewarding.
Visions of the Unexcused

Intriguing, though-provoking low-fi excellence. Fans of GBV take notice.
The Dadada

Deceptively large scale, with soaring dream pop and loud lo fi garage rock… This is an artist worth checking out.
The Horn

This song is erratic, insecure, passionate and sweaty all at once. Gloriously chaotic.
Alan Cross

DIY doesn't carry the same allure and integrity it once did. With the technology at hand, any kid can make a crisp, professional recording. What we've lost is a warts and all ethos, and an intangible passion that comes only from real instrumentation, coated with blood and sweat, and maybe a few tears. Enter the world of DIY practitioner Kurt von Stetten. The sounds, textures, and nuances on Broken, But Not Undone are 100% von Stetten. While he's always done his own instrumentation, von Stetten had the last three records professionally mixed and mastered. On Broken, there's nowhere to hide, and the results may not be technically flawless, but it's the way von Stetten wants you to hear it. "I really tried to just play with sound on a lot of these songs," recalls von Stetten. "I know that I mix incorrectly and that I do not know what I am doing sonically but this is the way I hear them." The result is a gloriously chaotic, beautiful trip into the psyche of one of today's great unsung artists.


  1. Those that Know
  2. Tooahyaysay
  3. Cashier Girls
  4. Bucky Fuller
  5. Slime
  6. Age of No
  7. Nature is a ride or die bitch
  8. Competition (Fuck Bob Pollard)
  9. Song for a Phobic, part 3
  10. Sally Dear
  11. Nickname: Cowboy Shit
  12. Her First Crew


Words and music: Kurt von Stetten (BMI)
Instrumentation: Kurt von Stetten: guitar, vocals, cello, keys, drums/percussion, and bass
Engineered & mixed: Kurt von Stetten
Mastered: (Vinyl) Mike Quinn (Moontower) at Q Division Studios / (CD) Kurt von Stetten
Design: Kurt von Stetten

New England has a prolific genius on its hands and his name is Kurt von Stetten.