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REISSUE: Floods + Fires [Turbo Edition] by Gatsby

Gatsby - Floods + Fires [Turbo Edition]

We're excited (and a little proud) to announce today's release of Floods + Fires [Turbo Edition]—a newly remixed and remastered edition of Gatsby's classic 2005 full-length.

Download it for FREE!

Gatsby is the original Static Motor band, and precursor to The Longwalls. Released in May 2005 to significant pre-blog era praise, Floods + Fires was Gatsby's only full-length (the band broke up shortly after its release). 10 years on, with the benefit of a little hindsight, there was a desire to approach the material with fresh, unencumbered ears. Featuring streamlined sequencing and two previously unreleased tracks, Floods + Fires [Turbo Edition] is a clangy wave a classic American indie rock; an album that captures the spirit of the early aughts Boston music scene like few others.

If you're new to it, we encourage you to have a listen. If you're a fan, please enjoy this fresh take on a humble classic. Enjoy!

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Played through top to bottom, Floods + Fires is a great album.
— Now on Tour

Gatsby’s forte is the same as Superchunk’s: riff-driven songs with unconventional melodies that don’t seem like they should be catchy — but somehow are. It’s a much easier trick to describe than to pull off, and Gatsby does better at it than most.
Pathetic Caverns

5th best New England CD of 2005
— Worcester Magazine

Gatsby have the great American indie-guitar rock album on their hands.
— Big Takeover

Nothing could prepare you for Floods + Fires. Gatsby have been likened to Hüsker Dü, Heatmiser, Guided by Voices, The Feelies and Das Damen, and here, at last, you’ll get the impression that they’ve earned the comparisons.
— Splendid

10 years ago, Gatsby released Floods + Fires. A week later, we broke up.

Like many bands before us, we were left with boxes and boxes of CDs. Boxes that continue to clutter closets. CDs that will never ever be sold. An album that too few heard, but one that I’ve recently came to truly appreciate.

We were an impressionable lot. At least I was. Raised on metal with an affinity for punk and new wave, Gatsby stumbled into the Boston music scene of the early aughts and found itself immediately influenced by the many great bands of the day. We were the naive, excitable "happy-to-be-there" guys, and over the course of a few years we soaked it all up. With the sounds of the day clattering around in our heads, we spent the better part of 2004 making Floods + Fires (original release).

While recording I was mostly concerned, too a fault, with how everything measured up to our peers. “What would X band do with this part?” It’s a taxing way to make an album, but I suppose it pushed us a bit (and you can certainly hear nods to Boston bands circa 2003-5 all over the album).

A bit drained by May 2005, we only played a handful of shows after its release before quietly exiting the scene without the typical Boston farewell show fanfare. But I’d listen to the album from time to time. And over the years, with more distance, I became really fond of the music. Impressed even.. in a "how they hell did we pull that off?!?" sort of way. And now, 10 years on, I have a true appreciation of the songwriting and the performances.

To commemorate the 10 year anniversary of its release, I asked our old pal Mike Quinn at Moontower/Q-Division to dig up the old recordings and do a new mix and master, cut out the 4 instrumental interludes, and add back two songs that (stupidly, my bad) didn't make the final cut back in 2004. The result is fast and fresh. Turbo.

And digital only. No damn CDs… ;)

Enough said. On behalf of my mates Alan, Scott, and Jay—please enjoy this fresh take on our humble classic.

Cheers, brandon


  1. Pretty To Think So
  2. Snakes
  3. High Low
  4. All My Fault
  5. Grad School
  6. Prize Fight
  7. Paint
  8. Agent Birds
  9. My Piano
  10. Cut Me Down
  11. Dodging Bullets
  12. Serial Bride


Jay Figueroa – guitars
Scott Robinson – drums
Brandon Comstock – guitars, vocals
Alan Wuorinen – vocals, bass

All songs by Alan (c) BMI 2005, except Grad School by Brandon (c) BMI 2005.

Originally recorded, and mixed with Mike Quinn at Moontower Studio, Cambridge. Mastered by Ian Kennedy at New Alliance East.

Remixed and mastered summer/fall 2015  by Mike Quinn, Moontower Studio / Q Division

Turbo Edition artwork: Alex Budnitz

Gatsby have the great American indie-guitar rock album on their hands.