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Kurt von Stetten releases video for "The Future is Fashion" from new album Gutt—on sale now!

A new animated video from Kurt von Stetten dropped in our laps last night! It's for the track "The Future is Fashion" of off Kurt's new one, Gutt. It's 20 tracks, it's EPIC, and it's on sale now! Download: More News >

Ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, set gooooooo...

Bold, defiant, insatiable. Boston's Kurt von Stetten returns with his 11th solo effort—in 11 years. Noisy and angular. Low lows. High highs. Big and fragile. Playful and tuneful as ever. And once again written and recorded entirely on his own—with Kurt himself playing every instrument.

In Kurt's own words...

20 tracks can't be wrong. Give Gutt a go.A smart woman sets a silly kid on the right path. Everything is a stand in for a youth that gets further away every day. He is a performer by vocation, but don't get it twisted, it is just a job. Writing checks to get out of jams is not the smartest thing in the world to do- but it is an adventure. You said you have no one, but you have your health. He will keep that secret because of loyalty, no matter the corporeal price. Just wait it out- it will pass. Putting labels on situations is sometimes a good thing for self preservation. I still use the same dutch oven I was given in childhood. No matter what they say, these things unfold in ways that were never captured on film. We are from the last generation that know we are constant lairs. It really is only a dream- you do not have to create a narrative. The choice is not exactly desirable. He is pretty sure he can make a deal and get out of the situation, but his heart is pounding none the less. Finally, Johnny gets a diagnosis- and it is not good! At night is when it is the worst, but then you wake up and see the good side- I mean it is still a tough loss for the home team though. An overly dramatic response to an everyday situation - just sit there and listen. Continue to wait it out. When ghosts visit you in dreams they are under no obligation to make sense- in fact they could care less. Congratulations, you got what you wanted, but now you have to think about things like heirs.


  1. In a car, falling in love
  2. To him it was youth
  3. Performer
  4. Adventure
  5. Pink lungs
  6. A secret from my kingpin
  7. Wait it out
  8. Stressor
  9. Good man
  10. Every shade of grey
  11. 70s son
  12. Only in dreams
  13. Desirable
  14. Tragic but fun
  15. A diagnosis for Johnny
  16. Snake mountain (explicit lyrics)
  17. Nosferatyou
  18. Sunshine
  19. The future is fashion
  20. Kings and sons


All vocals instruments by Kvs
Engineered, mixed and mastered (ha!) by KvS
Artwork by KvS

New England has a prolific genius on its hands and his name is Kurt von Stetten.