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I Will Take You Back


Dan London

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Dan London makes best of 2014 on the Americana Rock Soundoff!

Our pal Von has included Dan London on his best of 2014 edition of the Americana Rock Soundoff!. It's a great collection of music and we're proud Dan made the cut. Give a listen and check out Dan's latest—I Will Take You Back—before doing anything else. Ya herd? (And thanks Von!)More News >
Dan London, bassist for Boston-based band The Longwalls, is back with his sophomore solo album I Will Take You Back. With songs written during a time and place spanning from Nashville, TN twenty years ago, to Jamaica Plain in the last two years, the album reflects that sense of growth and time. Reminiscent of Elvis Costello and Neil Young, it's old school indie with a hint of alt-country; music meant for vinyl and a turntable, or for driving through small towns on back country roads. The lead single anchors the album, and is semi-autobiographical, according to London. "The title has that double entendre that worked: the singer of the record, a hyper-real version of me in some far off meta-verse, is looking for what went right and what went wrong in his romantic endeavors, when a smoky Pan with a penchant for pop culture comes along and says I'll be your huckleberry." Let that Pan lead you on a introspective musical journey as well.


  1. Nothing To Be Afraid Of
  2. Bob Fosse Dreams of Napoleon in Leather
  3. Let’s Get It Over With
  4. I Will Take You Back
  5. In the Wind
  6. Music For Cats
  7. Too Cool For School
  8. She Found Your Picture In My Phone
  9. I Can Play the Game With You
  10. Songs For the Ladies
  11. See the Night
  12. This Ain’t No Lullabye


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Quinn at the Moontower, Davis Square, Somerville, MA. at Q Division

Dan London – lead vocals, harmonies, guitars, bass, Mtron, mandolin (9), banjo (9)
Will Dickson – drums (all songs but 3 and 11)
Kurt von Stetten – drums (3, 11), tambourine, cowbell (1, 10), cello (5), washboard (8), harmonies (1), shaker (2, 6), keys (5), guiro (6)
Brandon Comstock – guitars (3, 7), guitar solo (3), harmonies (3, 12)
Lew London – mandolin (9)
Mike Quinn – harmonies (1, 2, 3, 12)

All songs written by Dan London © 2014 | Published by Drunken Ballerina Music / SESAC

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Sun soaked guitar spiel with Alt-Pop immediacy. File under Ray Davies or Tom Petty.