The kids love Androlafi!

For Kurt von Stetten’s new album, Androlafi, the word is in. And the word is good. Something Daily called the album, “Terrific, all over the place, and quite unlike anything else I’ve heard so far this year.” Visions of the Unexcused says, “Listening to von Stetten’s music is like ingesting a drug for the first time. As your psyche ascends towards the initial drop you release yourself for what’s to come.” Yowza! Get some!

Kowloon rolls on…

A full-moon-sized thank you to everyone who trekked out in the cold Saturday for The LongwallsKowloon release show. Epic night. Much love. We won’t soon forget. Meanwhile, kind words on Kowloon continue to roll in. The Noise says the boys “live somewhere between a more rustic Velvet Underground and a less new-post-punk the National.” Aiding & Abetting says the “songs soar and crash with astonishing grace.” We say, thank you!

Twangville loves the Longwalls

Big thanks to Twangville for these kind words on Kowloon, the new Longwalls record out 12/4. Over at Twangville they often say the Longwalls are deserving of much wider audience. We couldn’t agree more. Help the cause and tell a friend, would ya? Merci.