Video: Code of Fisherman by Kurt von Stetten

In case you missed it, Kurt von Stetten produced a video for the track Code of Fisherman off his new album Cyclops. Kurt hand painted all the elements before scanning them into his Commadore 64 to get his animation on. Check it!

More Zombies! bloggage

Another article on The Longwalls’ Zombies! video shoot, and what a fully-functioning Plymouth Rock Studios could mean to their community.

Zombies! Premiere!

The Longwalls‘ Zombies! video premiere with the Plymouth Rock Studios gang is set for Friday, October 30! Details so far: Renting a theatre, showing a bunch of zombie shorts, then the video launch, then chats with video Director & Producer, then Zombieland feature film (!). Plus “new toy” donations to benefit Franciscan Hospital for Children. Will have some food too. Huzzah!

Zombies on the blog

A  nice blog post on The Longwalls’ weekend video shoot for Zombies down at Plymouth Rock Studios here.  Thanks guys!

Zombie shoot, great success!

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who took part in the The Longwalls’ Zombies! shoot this weekend down at Plymouth Rock Studios. The crew (Louie Jannetty Director,Josh Bethoney Producer, and Sean English, Dir. of Photography) were brilliant and amazing (and patient) and all the extras who worked hours on in end, in makeup, in the rain.. well, we’re incredibly thankful.. and we can’t wait to see you all again soon! (Oh, and check out the New Kids.)