it came from potions- the warlock song!

More recent reviews of broken, but not undone

To say that Boston indie artist Kurt Von Stetten is unusual is an understatement.”

“This song is erratic, insecure, passionate and sweaty all at once.”

WMBR best 30 records of 2013!

video for those that know

and finally here is a b-side (aren’t they all though) that I thought sounded too much like another song so it never made it onto a record- and it was about warlock powers- I mean who cares about that- really?


broken, but not undone- week 1: early reviews and new collaboration with Bonnie Trash

Busy week here at Kurt von Stetten worldwide LTD. Some early reviews for my new record broken, but not undoneand a link to the new Bonnie Trash single Edith are below. 

Ryan’s Smashing Life: Kurt’s music is really special because it doesn’t sound like anybody else’s. Or I suppose you could say it sounds like everybody else’s music put in a blender and the remnants poured into a tall glass and consumed. Either way, he is operating on a different plane.

Floorshine Zipper Boots: With every element perfectly placed, but retaining enough edge for a Soho street, Broken, But Not Undone is the singular must have of the fall.

Popa’s Tunes: The result is a gloriously chaotic, beautiful trip into the psyche of one of today’s great unsung artists.

Check the video here:

Also this week was the release of Bonnie Trash’s first song Edith! I helped out on the song and have been collaborating with the awesome members of the band – we will be releasing an EP in early 2014 under the name Lynden Snakes check out this awesome song!

Supernova (let’s uh well, let’s pray to that because, well, let’s just pray to that)

My new record broken, but not undone will be released on vinyl next month ish (target was early November, but for some reason the pressing plant can’t throw a honky a bone and get them shits done quickly- so it is looking like late November), but in the meantime I am clearing out some old songs and making way for the next record. Here is a song that was not finished in time for the new record- so I guess this is a 2014 song!

Cover art for broken, but not undone