Even more love for Kurt von Stetten’s Pyramid

Our pal Kyle over at Music Savage calls Kurt von Stetten’s Pyramid “a fantastic example of an amazing, talented guy who seems to have no limits to what he can do”. Kyle is a whole lot smarter than us, so it must be true. (Thanks Kyle!)

WMBR spins Aioki!

Our pals from WMBR’s Pipeline kicked off last night’s show with Aioki off Kurt Von Stetten’s new album, Pyramid. Radio gold kids, radio gold. Stream the whole show here.

The reviews are in for “Pyramid”!!

The reviews are in for Pyramid! Well, the first one anyway. Our pal over at Dysonsound has given Pyramid one hell of a nice writeup. He knows way more about music than we do, so we’ll all take him at his word, ok?!?