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Kurt von Stetten is (still) winning the internet

Kurt von Stetten is killing it! On the heels of composing the new theme for the Lost at Home Podcast, a fantastic interview by the fab folks at Visions of  the Unexcused—entitled "The Last Renaissance Man: Ten Questions with Kurt von Stetten"—explores Kurt's creative endeavors from music to visual art to BMX and beyond. And of course there's a couple mentions of Mr. Bob Pollard... Oh, and check the latest in a string of Vans videos using Kurt's music: one celebrating a Vans tattoo exhibition/competition and another promoting a Vans 'Zine workshop. The videos feature "Codify" and "He's No Writer" (respectively) from Kurt's 2011 classic, Cyclops. Check it: More News >

A gifted creator… New England’s top new talent… The man wears his heart on his sleeve and much of the magic ends up on the records here. Cyclops is the new one and here we find the best sound of the two, it’s a fantastic example of isolationist creativity. Von Stetten proves, time and again, he is his own man… New England has a prolific genius on its hands and his name is Kurt von Stetten.
Ryan’s Smashing Life

Cyclops hits the right notes, pushes the right buttons and becomes near and dear to the heart
Music Savage

The album deepens with each listen, and I’ve very much enjoyed hearing it again and again.
Music Savage (best of 2011)

Bursts with unparalleled joy and spontaneity; it is packed with wonderfully quirky, restlessly melodious guitar pop that recalls indie rock’s best moment in a playful and condensed mishmash.
The Owl Mag

A fearless solo act.

Cyclops is an aural feast not to be overlooked. This is probably the coolest thing I’ve heard in the last several months! This is destined to be your new favorite album.
The Noise (scroll)

Those not afraid of taking on something different should check out Kurt von Stetten.
Golden Mixtape

Continually fresh with every listen.
Elusive Little Comments

Kurt definitely can not be genre defined. If you come up with one, well then shit, he’s sitting alone in it. But with the amount of aural pleasure that’s coming from that genre, I’m sure it’s not much of a lonely place.

Somewhere between hypnotic and epic.
Online Rock

You’ll have to seek out “Cyclops,” but I assure you it’s worth the effort.
— In Tune (The Daily News)

Diverging from the pop-centric sound of his last release Pyramid, the eclectic and intricate garage rock on Kurt von Stetten's Cyclops deals with fantasy and the fever of awesome ideas; everything from war to fashion. As with each of his releases, he relies on minimal story telling and the power of simple song structure... A man spends his whole life pretending to be a writer and as a result never has an authentic experience. A young couple tries to escape a war zone, but the two warring factions constantly try to force them to pick a side. A futuristic soldier rethinks his life while he is trapped in a fox hole, pinned down by enemy robot fire. An old boxer grows tired of hitting people and life. A father tells his son about his "wild years" and the son realizes that his father is really just a big pussy. A young man gives himself entirely over to fantasy and spends his days fighting a Cyclops and an Invisible Menace. An artist tries to communicate complex ideas through interpretive dance and realizes that, on some level, he must take into account the vernacular of the audience. A fisherman and his crew are bested by a whale and almost starve on the open water. After a man-made accident, a man and woman realize that they have super powers and after denying it they come to accept their awesome responsibility. An older office worker writes a graphic novel and after years of hiding it away starts showing it to people despite being terrified of criticism. A man realizes that scientific inquiry always has its risks- especially if society does not like what you discover. A man berates the hipsters on bikes blocking the sidewalk as he is trying to walk by the Middle East club... in Central Square.


  1. He’s No Writer
  2. Codify
  3. Nature and the Vices of Man
  4. Boxer (CD/MP3 only)
  5. Pussy
  6. L.A.R.P.
  7. Unclothed Art Students Screaming in a Circle
  8. Code of Fishermen
  9. Lest They Forget
  10. Stupid Fuck (CD/MP3 only)
  11. Collect Turtles (CD/MP3 only)
  12. Indie Rock Kids


Kurt von Stetten: Guitar, Bass, Circuit bent synths, drums, Shakers and toys, Cello
Engineered by Kurt.
Mixed by Owen Curtin (The Bridge Sound and Stage).
Mastered by Mike Quinn (Moontower) at Q Division.

New England has a prolific genius on its hands and his name is Kurt von Stetten.