Dan London

JP singer, songwriter, bourbon enthusiast

Dan London's "I Will Take You Back" to be released Tuesday, 11/18

We're proud to announce that Longwalls bassist Dan London will release his second solo effort—I Will Take You Back—on Tuesday, November 18. With songs written during a time and place spanning from Nashville, TN twenty years ago, to Jamaica Plain in the last two years, the album reflects that sense of growth and time. Reminiscent of Elvis Costello and Neil Young, it's old school indie with a hint of alt-country; music meant for vinyl and a turntable, or for driving through small towns on back country roads. Check the first single. Bob Fosse Dreams of Napoleon in Leather, and grab the CD or a digital download on 11/18. Busy times in Static Motor land. Dig.More News >

I believe it’s the job of the writer or in this case the songwriter to create narrative out of chaos – find the story in randomness – chisel art from solid rock – hopefully all in four minutes or less. This is my cause – my mission – my credo. I am Dan London – singer/songwriter.

Passion and intelligence can intermingle in rock and roll songs. I like them to dance together in mine.

I was raised in New Jersey, an only child in the wilderness of malls, nail polish, and Aqua net. I wanted to play music as far back as I can recall. I used to buy Van Halen posters that glowed in the dark.

I grew up on the Beatles and Dylan – Lou Reed and Neil Young –The Who, The Kinks and the Rolling Stones. I grew into Randy Newman and Nilsson – Aimee Mann and John Prine – David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, early Jackson Browne, Funkadelic and Zappa.

I play bass for The Longwalls – lived in Nashville in my 20’s – toured the South in an ill-fated cover band.

I like to cook gumbo, drink bourbon on the rocks, and married a smart and beautiful red head from Kentucky.

Give me 4 minutes (or less) – I’ll write your story too.