The Longwalls

Indie popsmiths from Boston

Well, well, well... new record by The Longwalls out today!

Well hello there! Been a minute... for all of us. Suffice to say this new Longwalls record —Red Shirts— was ready to go a while back, but then things got complicated. As such, there's a version featuring the original mixes by Brandon and Kurt on short-run, lathe-cut vinyl (that you can pick up here) as well as newer, shinier mixes by the fine folks at Mad Oak that you can download at the usual locales: The Longwalls - Red ShirtsMore News >

Mining the edges of indie, country and the worst of basic cable, The Longwalls make American Pop music with hearts firmly planted on sleeves. The Longwalls stalk a line between noisy post-pop and twang, exploring ideas and ideals from pop and pulp alike. Their most recent release Gold Standard was called “a near perfect tone of Americana-infused fuzzpop”. They are known for making dark pop and sugary death songs better than most. Comparing them to Uncle Tupelo and Guided By Voices should give you the perfect landing pad to understand what they sound like. Hailed as “Boston’s best kept secret” by Ryan’s Smashing Life.

They’ve played all over Boston with the likes of Sodafrog, Scott Janovitz, The Great Bandini, Cassavettes, The O’s, Glenn Yoder, The Grownup Noise, Susan Constant, and a whole lot more. In the fall of 2014 they were invited to play The Outlaw Roadshow in NYC with Filligar, Tigerman WOAH and Mean Creek. They were also invited to play the Rock ‘n Roll Rumble in 2016 and the Jamaica Plain Music Festival in 2018. The band has also performed live on WMFO, WMBR, and WAAF. In 2009 they recorded live for the legendary Band in Boston podcast (video clip).

The band’s 2008 home-brewed debut, Field Guide for the Zombie Survivalist, features the much-beloved track (and video) Zombies! 2010’s Dark Academy EP was called “a future classic” by the Noise. 2011’s Careers in Science—the band’s pulpy run at sci-fi triumph and failure—was called “a start-to-finish power-pop gem.” 2012’s Kowloon was called “a lovely novella of an album” by  The Owl Mag. 2015’s Gold Standard, was called, “A near perfect tome of Americana-infused fuzz pop” by Visions of the Unexcused.

The band’s 6th album, Red Shirts, is due out in 2019 in commemoration of their 10-year anniversary.

Alan Wuorinen
Vox, acoustic guitar, pedal steel, things w/ keys

Dan London
Bass, acoustic guitar, other things w/ strings, vox

Kurt von Stetten
Drums, percussion, cello, things w/ keys

Brandon Comstock
Electric & acoustic guitars, other things w/ strings, things w/ keys, vox