Meanwhile in Canada….

Love is growing for the Kurt von Stetten / Bonnie Trash collaboration! Their first single, Edith, was song of the day on New Lease and featured on Quick Before it Melts. Meanwhile, the fine folks at Grayowl Point wrote, “Edith is rough, loud, and full of energy, and should be a welcome treat to anyone who is looking for something with a little more passion.” Nice. Stream below, download over on Bandcamp. And look out for the release of their collaborative EP, Lynden Snakes, in early in 2014.

Collaboration time! Kurt von Stetten & Bonnie Trash release first single.

Just one week after the release of his latest LP—Broken But Not Undone—our own Kurt von Stetten is back with yet another project. Yikes. The track Edith is the result of a collaboration born on Twitter (!) with Toronto/Guelph-based band Bonnie Trash. Kurt is heavily featured on this first track;  look for a collaborative EP from the whole gang under the moniker Lynden Snakes in early 2014. Stream above, download for free over on Bandcamp. Enjoy!

Broken, But Not Undone by Kurt von Stetten on sale now! (mostly…)

Few things are harder to wrangle in the land of DIY than a firm release date for vinyl. You give ample time, even push back the release date to be safe. And then the test pressings take longer than you’d hoped and two weeks before your release date you’re told it’ll be another 3 weeks until you get the records. SO.. we’re beyond excited to get the new KvS record—Broken But Not Undone—out to the world, just going to be a few days before we can send the vinyl out (complete w/ Kurt’s homemade jackets). Please don’t be deterred!!! We’ll gladly send you the MP3s in the meantime if you purchase the vinyl. It’s a good one, now come get it.