Kurt von Stetten

Boston's DIY indie rock revisionist

Kurt von Stetten delivers a "definite must have"

The very knowledgable folks at Floorshime Zipper Boots have deemed Kurt von Stetten's "Cycle" a "definite must have." We certainly agree. And at 23 tracks, it's both quant and qual. Star qual to be exact. Dig it! Download: More News >

Kurt von Stetten began experimenting with noise and music in Boston in the summer of 1996. Early sound pieces and writings focused solely on the subtle hiss before and after any sound recording. In late 1999 one 445 minute piece titled “Hisssstory” pushed public opinion over the edge and galvanized a fledgling arts community to embrace the internet and register their displeasure. This community led by his professors, fan, and family vehemently rejected his approach and posted the now famous “Letter to an indulgent” on an AOL chat room (this was 1999 after all). After this stunning rebuke Kurt gradually pivoted away from academia and found freedom and a somehow more judgmental audience in alt/indie rock.

For a period of 10 years Kurt retreated to his bedroom studio and learned how to play guitar and drums by recording himself over and over again. After sharing some of his music with friends in 2006 Kurt gained some confidence and began to release his recordings as albums. Kurt has since released a full-length album every year for the last 9 years on which he plays every instrument. His lyrics are comprised of overheard conversations, notes taken during art school, things grunted while getting jumped at the train station that time, and created stories of love and desperation.

Kurt also plays drums, cello and other odds and ends with The Longwalls and is the former front-man of the Drama Queens.