Kurt von Stetten

Boston's DIY indie rock revisionist

Kurt von Stetten wins the internet with original song for fan!

You read right. A couple weeks ago our own Kurt von Stetten held a contest on Twitter: he asked followers to post short videos of themselves listening to his latest release, Animals. For those that followed through, Kurt would then craft an original song about the fan. One lucky winner, Ravi Jain, got his prize late list night. It's called "No Jain No Gain." Check it all out here! Enjoy!More News >

Kurt von Stetten began experimenting with music and recordings in Boston during the summer of 1996. Interested at first only with art school infused themes and postmodern/absurdist noise collages, von Stetten gradually pivoted away from academia and found freedom in alt/indie rock. For a period of 10 years, von Stetten holed up in his bedroom studio and learned how to play guitar and drums by recording himself over and over again. Since 2006 he has released a full-length album every year on which he plays every instrument (Guitar, cocals, cello, keys, drums/percussion, bass and more).

Kurt also plays drums with The Longwalls and is the former front man of the Drama Queens.