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Dark Academy


The Longwalls

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12" One-Sided White Vinyl / Digital

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Live video. Kind words. Alan represents The Longwalls at Outlaw Roadshow 2016 this past fall in NYC.

Well ain't this a hum-dinger! Alan opens up with "Sargasso in Space" off The Longwalls' classic 2012 EP, Careers in Science; follows it up with a tease from the band's forthcoming 6th release with (soon-to-be-blistering) "Red Shirts;" slows things down with "Rukia" from 2015's Gold Standard; and then closes things out going way back to 2010's "Playwrights" off the Dark Academy EP. Good on ya, Alan!! All that and some very kind accompanying words from our pal Ryan's Smashing Life! He writes: One of the East Coast's best sounds / Sneaky Good! - Alan and the band play dark pop songs influenced by cultural tides, historical figures and social ephemera and this set was no different. The Longwalls last two full-length albums, The Gold Standard and Kowloon are two sides of the same study of coins - demonstrating just how good they really are. This January, The Longwalls dropped a live album you need to hear (here!)More News >

The Longwalls have one of the sweetest Alt Country ballads I’ve heard in a while.

A perfect blend of Americana and catchy-as-heck pop.
Band in Boston

A good addition to your collection if you want some indie cred in your otherwise twangy music catalog.

Our Americana is one that can look one direction and see America, yet look the other direction and see the wild expanses of the untamed ocean. The Longwalls have captured this essence in Dark Academy.
— Boston Band Crush

A host of catchy hooks, jangly guitar combined with an indie sensibility.
Beat Surrender

This record has all the earmarks of a future classic and gets better with every listen.
The Noise (scroll)

Both darker and more varied than their 2008 debut (Field Guide for the Zombie Survivalist),The Longwalls' second release is A 21-minute trip down memory lane with Guided By Voices, Wilco, and a stack of comic books along for the ride. Songs about families, friends, spirits, and A-bombs stalk a line between The Longwalls' love of big twang and classic American indie rock.


  1. Playwrights
  2. Dark Academy
  3. Saturday
  4. Touchdown
  5. Ghosts
  6. Brave Arms


Alan Wuorinen – vox, acoustic guitar, electric piano
Dan London – bass, backing vox (lead on “Saturday”)
Kurt Von Stetten – drums, cello, hand percussion
Brandon Comstock – electric guitars, glockenspiel, backing vox (lead on “Ghosts”)

Songs by Alan Wuorinen (BMI) except “Ghosts” by Brandon (BMI) and “Saturday” by Dan. Music by The Longwalls.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Mike Quinn Moontower Studios ( November 2009 – January 2010.
Artwork by Steve Madden

The Longwalls have one of the sweetest Alt Country ballads I’ve heard in a while.