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Well, well, well... new record by The Longwalls out today!

Well hello there! Been a minute... for all of us. Suffice to say this new Longwalls record —Red Shirts— was ready to go a while back, but then things got complicated. As such, there's a version featuring the original mixes by Brandon and Kurt on short-run, lathe-cut vinyl (that you can pick up here) as well as newer, shinier mixes by the fine folks at Mad Oak that you can download at the usual locales: The Longwalls - Red ShirtsMore News >
Red Shirts is The Longwalls’ first full-length studio effort since 2015’s Gold Standard. Some of these songs were demo’d nearly 15 years ago when the band was first getting started. Some were floating around in heads for nearly as long but never quite materialized. Some were written while the album was being recorded in the studio Brandon built in the basement of his home in Jamaica Plain, MA. One of these songs is about strange disappearances of men around Boston. One of these songs is about feeling passed by. One of these songs claims to know the truth about Billy Shears. All of these songs were tracked by the band on their own, an approach they took with their 2008 debut as well as 2012’s much beloved Kowloon. All of these songs were slated for release nearly two years ago. Short-run, lathe-cut vinyl was produced from the original mixes by Brandon and Kurt in mid 2019. The band played the Jamaica Plain Music Festival. But then things got complicated, and the album was put on ice. After a while a certain restlessness took root. Sonic freezer burn had set in and all these songs needed to somehow sound fresh again. And they do, thanks to a new set of mixes by Benny at Mad Oak Studios. Now, all these songs are both old and new. Both pre- and nearly post. And long overdue.


  1. Red Shirts
  2. Parts Per Billion
  3. American Easterner
  4. Last One
  5. Open Your Heart
  6. Planes Overhead
  7. Buried
  8. 18 and Over
  9. Please Be Good to Me
  10. Toothache


Alan Wuorinen – vocals, acoustic guitar
Kurt von Stetten – drums, cello, synths, percussion
Dan London – bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals (lead on “heart“)
Brandon Comstock – electric guitars, backing vocals (lead on “planes”)

Songs by Alan (BMI); “planes” by Brandon (BMI); “heart” by Dan (SESAC); Jennifer Comstock played some piano on “18”

Music by The Longwalls

Engineered by The Longwalls at Arlington Music Studios and The Bunker

Lathe cut vinyl release mixed by Brandon Comstock and Kurt von Stetten; Mastered for vinyl by Mike Quinn

Digital release mixed and mastered by Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studios

Boston's best kept music secret.