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The Longwalls

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The Longwalls wish you a happy, snowy Sunday!

Big thanks to Rob at Sleepover Shows for putting this all together. The song is, of course, "Home" off 2015's Gold Standard. Enjoy!More News >

“One of the east coast’s standout pop acts, you aren’t going to want to miss what I’ve already come to describe as “Boston’s best kept secret” for good reason.. they make dark pop and sugarly death songs better than most anybody else I know.”
Ryan’s Smashing Life

“After a series of killer EP’s The Longwalls have released a near perfect tome of Americana-infused fuzz pop in their new LP, Gold Standard.”
Visions of the Unexcused

“‘Gold Standard’ bristles with modern angst… the band eases fluidly between emotions and influences; “Simple Thoughts” has a slow-burning country flavor, while the vocals echo coldly through the beginning of “Rukia,” before the layers of reverb, piano, and percussion are brought to a boiling climax.”

“Gold Standard” further presents the band as a strong force that produces some catchy songs with a bit of a punk attitude and grit… there is attitude here in the fuzzy overdrive sounds.
Redline Roots

“They craft some of the most innovative and refreshing tunes around.”

“Supporting each other and putting out music and art in the world is just enough. The standards have changed a little bit for us, so to hell with the gold standard, we are doing our own thing,”
The Huntington News

“An interesting piece of work that combines an old-fashioned rock ethos with a more modern sensibility… The Longwalls manage to create a sound that is identifiably unique and I hope they continue to explore more of their distorted tonal music in future albums.”
Surviving the Golden Age

The Longwalls return with their 5th release, Gold Standard. After a series of contemplative EPs, Gold Standard is 11 tracks of glorious, fuzzed-out, Americana-infused post-pop. And no, the title is certainly not a statement. It's a nostalgic reference to an unattainable past. There was a time where there was a bona fide benchmark. That time, whether or not the benchmark actually existed or not, is gone. Misguided nationalistic optimism to the extreme. An idealized form. A gold standard now rendered antiquated by the march of reality, modernity, and violence. So..., now what?
  1. The Gold Standard
  2. Home
  3. Hold it
  4. Oh My Brother
  5. Too Many Prayers
  6. Rukia
  7. Simple Thoughts
  8. Burger and Fries
  9. Simo
  10. Unarrested
  11. Bankai


Alan Wuorinen— vocals (lead on 1, 3. 6, 9, 11), acoustic guitar, pedal steel, keys

Kurt von Stetten— drums, cello, hand percussion

Dan London— bass, acoustic guitar, vocals (lead on 4 and 8)

Brandon Comstock— electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, keys, vocals (lead on 2, 5, 7, 10)

Songs 1, 3, 6, 9, 11 by Alan (BMI); 2, 5, 7, 10 by Brandon (BMI); 4 and 8 by Dan (SESAC).

Music by The Longwalls.

Recorded & Mixed by Alex Allinson at The Bridge Sound & Stage. Assistants: Alexander Hayes, Ryan Ainsworth. Intern: Dave Pettibone

Trumpets on “Hold it” by Ian Connelly and Tyler Mehlenbacher

Mastered by Mike Quinn at Moontower Studio, Q Division.

Design by Alex Budnitz.

A near perfect tome of Americana-infused fuzz pop.