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Kurt von Stetten delivers a "definite must have"

The very knowledgable folks at Floorshime Zipper Boots have deemed Kurt von Stetten's "Cycle" a "definite must have." We certainly agree. And at 23 tracks, it's both quant and qual. Star qual to be exact. Dig it! Download: More News >

“What you get is delicious indie rock. Plenty of catchy tunes and hooks, engaging riffs and some 12 string twang for a little depth. This album delivers both quantity and quality, and is a definite must have.”
— Floorshime Zipper Boots

When I mess up I hit the all clear...

Kurt von Stetten returns with his 12th solo effort—in 12 years. This new mega release, entitled Cycle, ebbs and flows from track to track, bunny-hopping textures and moods like no other KvS release to date. Kurt explores new territory and mines new sounds, creating textural songs that float about you as if they can be reached out and touched. And, once again, the entire album was written, performed, and recorded by Kurt.

In Kurt's own words...

In a perfect world the division of labor between the mind and body is simple - until then let's calculate. You'd better run, for the heat of the sun is unparalleled. You talk then I talk, but I am really just going to rephrase what you say. It is going to be really hard to tell this story in the future so he will have to round out some of the harder edges. Those letters just pile up so instead of collecting them she just throws them away. It starts with a jolt and you do what you are told, but you get to decide if it should be fight or flight. Communication should be based on a shared set of facts, absent that you should just rely on past experience. After a rough year of travel and self reflection James is finally on the mend. They have studied the language, but they cannot confirm what is being said. He's not a bad man- oh I have seen way worse! Both sides didn't really know that they broke up. You cannot own it and despite all best efforts you cannot know it. After a good amount of trouble, and really I mean trouble, you have decided that you have had enough. Seriously bro I thought I could get this supported by our town, I am sorry. Ok so I saw this creature while fishing, way out in the deep, it had a curved spine made of protruding bone. Sometimes it is worth it to get grounded- so he decided he didn't need his weekends anymore. Set the repeats up really high. Through it all, for better or worse, she was a scientist first. After the accident it was a good sign that he knew something was hurting. During a dark stretch in his youth he could be seen shouting a people in bars. Humid summer night. Some things look very easy when you are young.


  1. Calculator
  2. Heat of the sun
  3. Call response
  4. How can I explain
  5. Collector
  6. Fight or flight
  7. He don’t know a thing
  8. James is on the mend
  9. Night
  10. Cold wind hot breath
  11. Break up news (explicit lyrics)
  12. You may not own it
  13. So you have had enough
  14. Bro I’m sorry
  15. Pay attention to me
  16. Grounded for life (explicit lyrics)
  17. It is amazing when
  18. Selfie
  19. Scientist first wife second
  20. Part of me
  21. Shouting in bars
  22. Waves swell
  23. Sentimental


All music and performances by KvS
Engineered, mixed and mastered by KvS
Artwork by KvS

A definite must have