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Kurt von Stetten

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Kurt von Stetten's "Bon Fortuna" on sale now!

We're pleased as punch to announce Bon Fortuna—the new record by Kurt von Stetten—is on sale now!  Dreamy, bold and always irreverent, Kurt returns with a glorious dispatch of fearlessly fuzzed-out art pop. And this one is a bit of a milestone: 10 solo albums in 10 years with Kurt playing every instrument on every track. Perhaps more impressive is the fact that this album is just so damn dynamic and fun to listen to. It might be his best ever, and that's saying something. Check out the video for the first single, Spanish Ship, and be sure to hit up Kurt on Twitter for a chance to win one of the very few custom physical copies he's producing at home as well as Bon Fortuna t-shirts. Hope you get a chance to check it out and support this amazing artist! Enjoy!

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“Spanish Ship’ is still a powerful statement. It’s bold, hard-hitting, well-crafted… Plus, it’s not even the best track on the LP, which shows you just how good this guy is.”
The Sound of Confusion

“Another fantastic von Stetten album… it very well be his most solid work to date, and that’s saying quite a bit.”
— Visions of the Unexcused

“A dreamy, multi-layered and methodical record.”
— Bishop and Rock

Dreamy, bold and always slightly irreverent, Boston's Kurt von Stetten returns with his 10th solo effort—a glorious dispatch of fearlessly fuzzed-out low-fi pop. Once again written and recorded entirely on his own—with Kurt playing every instruments—Bon Fortuna is truly s DIY gem.

Songs built from overheard conversations and art-school flashbacks span ideas of fear and love and desperation. In Kurt’s own words…

While sailing over they had some grand ideas, but the forest was unforgiving (and so was god... any god). A man can make a world inside- very much as wild, dangerous, and free as outside. Once you give in to an idea and take a leap- you might make history (but the people around you may knock your teeth out in the process). Over a sea of men, fists, and knives you realize your life is precious. Guest lecturers often open with guiding principals and immediate sweeping observations; this is often meant to force a master and apprentice relationship when there really is none (especially when my shit is more John Blaze than that). Guy feelings are so deep and not communicated. A persistent general menaces a town for a rumored treasure (a treasure hidden in plain sight); an enemy bomb breaks a dam and the flood actually results in one of the best harvests in years. I know not to leave my car or mouth running. A man goes to help his former love before he dies (he doesn't need directions- he was taught well), but the journey was not fulfilling. A young man on the E train, having just read Oedipus, exclaims "Oedipus was a pussy". There are lots of rumored (and fake) beasts in dark lake, but the townsfolk usually just end up harpooning each other in the dark. It was a pretty easy mistake if you think about it- I'm sure it will work out- if I don't see you, good luck!
  1. Spanish Ship
  2. Everything Comes Undone
  3. Swan Dive
  4. Precious
  5. John Blaze
  6. Farther
  7. Floods Equal Harvest
  8. Cars and Mouths
  9. I Ain’t Lost No One
  10. Oedipussy
  11. Dark Lake Leviathan
  12. Montezuma

Kurt von Stetten: drums, bass, guitar, cello, banjo, drum machines, shakers, and synths
Words & music by Kurt von Stetten (BMI)
Engineered by Kurt von Stetten
Artwork by Kurt von Stetten
Mastered by Mike Quinn at Moontower Studio (Q Division)
Mixed by Matt Lombardi at Fitzross productions

New England has a prolific genius on its hands and his name is Kurt von Stetten.