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Guess what?!? You’re an independent media channel!


[Originally posted at ‘Round the Square] Have you ever thought of your brand that way? Think about it… Independent media channels provide a distinct voice, and view the world through a particular lens not shared by others. Independent media channels engender trust and loyalty, giving audiences reasons to connect above …

5 lessons brands can learn from bands

Metal Hand Sign

[Originally posted at ‘Round the Square] I operate in two worlds. By day (and often into early evening) I craft brand-focused communication programs for a variety of mission-driven organizations. By night (and often into early morning) I write, perform and record with a band as part of Boston’s vibrant independent …

People first, brand second. Really.

Engaged Community

[Originally posted at ‘Round the Square] Putting customers first, and brand second, can be somewhat of a tough pill to swallow for marketers. Sure, most understand the need to build communities around their brands, and to nurture those who cluster around the experiences their brands enable. For many, however, it …

Put Your Brand to Work: Build an Architecture for Engagement


[Originally posted at Marketing profs] You’ve done your homework and designed a strategic brand program. You’ve found insight through research, learned what makes your constituents tick, established a strong brand foundation, developed a framework for messages, and evolved a system for visual expression—all necessary to help your organization realize its …

Social media reality check

[Originally written for Sametz Blackstone Associates and later posted at MarketingProfs.] Is the social media explosion a “big bang” that’s creating a whole new brand communications paradigm, or is it part of an ongoing evolution where focused brand-building principles are not only still relevant, but more important than ever? The …

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